Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cohatoe 0.1 preview

I have released a first preview version of Cohatoe. Cohatoe stands for 'Contributing Haskell to Eclipse'. It is a library in the form of a Haskell API and a set of Eclipse plugins, that can be used to access code written in Haskell from Eclipse plugins.

The Haskell code is contributed via an extension in the plugin.xml. Plugins that provide Haskell code in this manner must also contribute a (minimal) Java API for the Haskell code, and of course the object code of their Haskell functions. The Cohatoe runtime uses then hs-plugins to dynamically load and execute the object code.

You can find download links and the location of the Darcs repository here: I will add more information and announce further versions on this blog. Have fun :-)

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