Friday, March 16, 2007

Cohatoe 0.3 preview

The next preview of Cohatoe is now available from the download page, from the update site, and in the Darcs repository (all to be found here). The usual disclaimer (experimental state etc.) applies as before, but my feeling is that it is getting nearer some state where one can actually start some serious playing around with it. (I'm especially hopeful that there will be fewer API changes from now on.)

I have left out all the progress monitoring stuff I wrote about, but I have re-worked the Cohatoe API to execute Haskell functions within the IO monad. This means that the main entry point for Haskell code that is contributed in an Eclipse plugin (pluginMain, as declared in the Cohatoe API) is now of type [String] -> IO [String]. Please note that you have to re-compile any object code against that new API in order to run with the new version of the plugins.

Another important piece that is now in place is exception handling. Several sorts of exceptions that are raised during the execution of contributed Haskell code are caught and re-raised on the Eclipse side - instead of just making the server executable break and exit. This makes Cohatoe much more robust.

Any feedback is most welcome - have fun :-)

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