Friday, July 06, 2007

Cohatoe talk at HaL 2

There will be another Haskell in Leipzig (HaL) meeting next week, and I'll be there too and present Cohatoe. The whole idea and many of its technical features owe a lot to the discussion at the first HaL meeting, so I'm thrilled that I was asked to report on the progress there :-)

So if you are are interested (and somewhere near Leipzig), why not drop by and have some fun?


Tobias Roeser said...

I hope you will report on the progress there - the release party mentioned on the page is your's. =)

I'm very interestred in the current state of Cohatoe and I think the other too, so maybe you could present the most killer features so far and report about the stony road you already left behind while bringing Haskell and Java/OSGi together. I'll stand you a beer, if that helps. ;)

Leif Frenzel said...

Always ;-)

But in any case I'll be technical at least part of the time, and I am preparing a presentation with a technical overview and a demo :-)

See you then,

Tobias Roeser said...

Hi Leif,

the HaL2 videos are online now. You can find links on my blog, but we will announce them on the iba homepage next week, too.

Leif Frenzel said...

Hooray :-) Thanks Tobias