Thursday, August 09, 2007

Next steps for Cohatoe

For those who are interested but haven't subscribed to the EclipseFP mailing list: I have posted a summary of what I presented at the Haskell in Leipzig 2 meeting, in my talk about the progress of Cohatoe. The post has also a link to the slides, but the slides are not the whole story of course, since most of the presentation was live demo.

(Oh, btw: perhaps you should consider to subscribe to the mailing list now, if you are interested in Cohatoe, because we have decided at the EclipseFP project that we would keep the discussion for both Cohatoe and the EclipseFP IDE project on the same mailing list. You can subscribe here :-)

We have now started to integrate Cohatoe back into the EclipseFP project. There won't be any significant changes in the Cohatoe code itself (at least for a while ;-) - but the location of the repo has changed, and the same will go for the download site. Both have been moved to the EclipseFP webspace, so please update your bookmarks :-)

The new Darcs repository is located here:


There is a new section on the EclipseFP website for Cohatoe, which has all the links to the download files etc. that were also on the old Cohatoe website. You can either go there from or directly:

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