Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cohatoe 0.5 preview

Here comes another preview version of Cohatoe. I think it is now time to take a bold step and declare it 'beta' (no longer 'alpha' :-). This means in practice that the features which are in now will pretty much remain the same until version 1.0, but I still expect to have to do some more updates, mainly with fixes and documentation (and perhaps a little more tool support for PDE).

This version is only available from the new download site at EclipseFP! Please make sure that you update your bookmarks :-) Likewise, I have pushed the latest patches only to the new repo location. See this previous post for links and a little more info.

Version 0.5 has the extension wizardry that I have mentioned before, and it is well able to handle running extensions from Haskell source files now. (There were several fixes I had to do for this since my last post.) It is basically the version that I have presented at the Haskell in Leipzig 2 meeting.

Any feedback is appreciated - have fun :-)

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