Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Progress on Cohatoe

Here is another update about the latest additions to the Cohatoe repo :-)

We now manage the library files for the Coahatoe API (the GHC package against which Haskell code for Cohatoe-based Eclipse plugins must be compiled) next to the server executable in platform-specific fragments. They are automatically found, possibly extracted (when the plugin lives in a .jar file), and then provided to the hs-plugins library both when object code is loaded and when source code is compiled, in the form of an 'on the fly'-GHC package. This removes the requirement that Cohatoe users had to have the cohatoe-api package installed in addition to their GHCi installation.

So far, Cohatoe worked only on machines that had a Cohatoe API installed as GHC package. This is clearly not good, partly because it is not a reasonable pre-requisite (the API should only be needed for developing Cohatoe-based plugins, but not for using them), and partly because there might be version conflicts (e.g. if a plugin has been compiled against a later API version than is installed on the user's system).

The situation is now better: a user who has a GHC installation, but no cohatoe-api package installed, will be able to run Cohatoe-based plugins. The Cohatoe server locates the Cohatoe API library that is shipped together with it. The additional advantage is that the server executable will always get the version of the API that itself was compiled against. The shipped version has precedence. (Note that this does not guarantee that the plugins which are loaded are also compiled against that version of the API.) If you want to compile against the Cohatoe API, you still need to install the cohatoe-api package, of course.

I have also finalized the version of the cohatoe-api package to 1.0 (the final release version). There remains a minimal risk that the API must be changed again before the release, in which case some early adopters would possibly have to recompile.

On the other hand, I was having some trouble with object files that I had compiled against versions of the API (not actually different code, the only difference was in version number). So I think for this package I'm switching to a versioning policy that only updates the version number when the content actually changes. This means that even after the release the API will only change in version if there are actual changes to the interface. Version numbers will not be increased in step with the other Cohatoe plugins.

Later versions of Cohatoe will probably need some mechanism to enable running both code that was targeted at the 1.0 version and code that was written for later versions. This means that the old API will probably have to remain available, and the server will have to determine which API to use and to load against. (This will cause some work, but that is definitely not a topic for the 1.0 release, and I'm confident that it can be sorted out.)

Apart from that, I have also continued working on getting the Linux version ready, and I have cleaned up the Haskell code of the server executable a bit. I think I will be able to get the next preview version out soon.

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