Monday, March 10, 2008

HaL 3 and EclipseFP Hackathon

There will be another Haskell in Leipzig (HaL) meeting on April 18th (a Friday) - this is the third already, so it seems to be developing into a nice tradition :-)

As at previous HaL events, Haskell IDEs are of some interest. Among other things, we'll hear a talk about Leksah, the new Haskell IDE which was recently announced in its first preview version. (For more info and the full program have a look at the HaL 3 website:

This time, there will also be a Hackathon weekend (April 19 and 20) with focus on EclipseFP and Cohatoe development :-) So if you don't have plans yet for that weekend (and are reasonably close to Leipzig ;-), why not drop by and have some fun?

The kick-off for the Hackathon will be on Friday evening as part of the HaL meeting. I've also set up a wiki at with an idea pool for possible features and some directions on getting started with EclipseFP development. Of course I'll keep you posted on what happened at the Hackathon :-)


LT said...

The address for Hal3 website is not correct. It is the same as if you want to post a comment.

Leif Frenzel said...

Garrrg, sorry for that. Should work now :-)

Thanks && ciao,