Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cohatoe 0.12 preview

With this preview version of Cohatoe, we're actually very close to a release candidate for Cohatoe 1.0.

The most important news is that Cohatoe now supports Windows again. This, and a number of other stability fixes are one of the results of our recent EclipseFP Hackathon at the third Haskell in Leipzig meeting (HaL 3). (Special thanks to Milan Straka for helping us with this complicated low-level work :-)

The new preview version is available from the SourceForge download site and from the Cohatoe website. Have fun :-)

Sharing object code between plugins

Almost all other changes in Cohatoe since the 0.9 preview are robustness improvements and small fixes. In addition, it is now possible for a Cohatoe extension to depend on object code contributed in another (Eclipse) plugin. For example, there is some common code for marshalling data types, which is located in the EclipseFP core plugin, which is needed also for the EclipseFP UI plugin. Cohatoe now allows to refer to this shared code via a new attribute in the declaration of an object code folder:

<haskellFunction codeFile="$os$/obj/EclipseFP/Haskell/UI/Hover/EditorTextHover.o"
<objectCodeFolder plugin="net.sf.eclipsefp.haskell.core">

(An obvious possible improvement would be to have this inferred from the dependency relationship that exists anyway between the UI and Core plugin, and is known on the Eclipse side. However, this is not in scope for the 1.0 release. For the moment, the dependency must be declared manually.)

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